More than two thousand jobs due to investment growth created in 2018

More than two thousand jobs due to investment growth created in 2018

At a meeting of the Permanent Commission of the City Duma on economic development, investment, industry and energy, chaired by Sergey Zarevsky, deputies discussed the issue of investment activity of large and medium-sized enterprises of the city for 2018.

The director of the City Department of Economics, Polina Korostieva, who made a report, informed the deputies that in 2018, 114.2 billion rubles were allocated for investments in fixed assets for a full range of city enterprises. The growth rate compared to 2017 was 107%, and the volume index was 104.7%.

At the same time, about 67% of the total investment was spent by large and medium-sized enterprises - they amounted to 76.2 billion rubles (against 73 billion in 2017). The growth rate was 104.4%, the volume index was 104.7%.

Large and medium-sized enterprises of the city in 2018 created 2022 jobs. Tax deductions to the local budget as a result of the investment activities of these enterprises amounted to more than 2.2 billion rubles.

In a number of large and medium-sized enterprises, investment volumes significantly exceeded the indicators of 2017.

Thus, 5.3 billion rubles were allocated for the purchase of equipment, the construction and reconstruction of industrial buildings and structures, research and development work at PJSC Rostvertol, which is one and a half times more than a year before. Tax deductions to the local budget amounted to 277.3 million rubles.

KKPD-INVEST LLC allocated 5 billion rubles for the development of the Leventsovsky residential area, which is 1.7 times higher than in 2017.

TK Horizont JSC for the construction of a cinema complex with a shopping gallery, a hotel and a parking lot at 32D / 2 Nagibina Ave., 1.6 billion rubles were allocated (1.6 times more than in 2017).

JSC Rostovskoye allocated 1 billion rubles or 1.4 times more than last year for the construction of the Suvorovsky and Platovsky microdistricts.

27 times more than in 2017, ABVK-Eco CJSC sent to the implementation of the Chisty Don regional project, creating elements of the municipal infrastructure, the city’s water supply and sanitation system, and the amount of investments amounted to 542.2 million rubles.

Five times more was spent on the modernization of worn-out equipment and updating the equipment fleet of JSC “SMU-Dondorstroy” - 268.2 million rubles.

AtomspetsServis LLC spent 124.4 million rubles last year on the purchase of a painting unit, welding machines, hoist and machine tools, which is 19 times more than a year earlier.

The Director of the Department of Economics noted that the most effective tool for attracting investors are examples of successfully implemented investment projects in the city. In 2018, 25 projects from the “List of Investment Projects of Rostov-on-Don” were implemented for a total investment of 14.1 billion rubles. Investors created 2504 jobs. Among the largest - the second phase of the shopping and entertainment complex "MEGAMAG" on the street. Poymennoy, gallery "PARK" on Cosmonauts Ave., hotel complexes "BENAMAR hotel and SPA" on the street. Chentsova and "Grafsky Park" on the street. Left Bank, the second phase of the construction of the residential complex "Guards - 2" in the lane. Guards and residential complex "Aquamarine" on the street. Shore.

Information posted 23.08.2019
Information changed 27.08.2019