National projects in the field of supporting entrepreneurship, labor productivity and employment are being implemented in Rostov-on-Don

National projects in the field of supporting entrepreneurship, labor productivity and employment are being implemented in Rostov-on-Don

As part of the national project “Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Support of Individual Entrepreneurship Initiatives”, 52.8 million rubles are provided for in the local budget in 2019.

A business support infrastructure has been created and operates.

A municipal enterprise support fund is operating in Rostov, providing microloans to enterprises at preferential rates.

From the funds of the subsidy received by the RFMC, 7 loans were issued to small and medium-sized enterprises in the amount of 12,350.0 thousand rubles.

In order to ensure access of small and medium-sized enterprises to financial resources, on July 22, 2019, the Rostov Municipal Fund for Entrepreneurship Support granted 27 microloans to SMEs for a total amount of 49 329.6 thousand rubles.

Over the 6.5 months of 2019, on the basis of the Novyi Rostov municipal center, 1,417 consultations were provided to SMEs, 42 significant events were held for entrepreneurs of the city, 6 courses of the "School for a Young Entrepreneur", 204 contracts were concluded with SMEs for the use of 267 jobs, and prepared documents for state registration of 30 SMEs, a catalog of services of the New Rostov ICRC was created, 29 seminars and 7 conferences on business activities were conducted, an animation clip about the services of the New Rostov ICRC was created.

The largest specialized MFC for business has been opened and operates.

In 2019, three new city projects are being implemented: a business accelerator, a business digitalization center, and an innovative accelerator.

In order to prepare and grow the leading companies, a business accelerator was launched - a six-month free comprehensive program for small and medium-sized enterprises, in which the owners of 30 companies are given the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial competencies and develop an individual growth strategy.

For the intensive development of successful innovative companies, including in such areas as artificial intelligence, big data processing, the Internet of things, robotics, an innovative business accelerator has been launched. Currently, the first stage of the accelerator is completed - a training program. 60 participants attended the training.

In order to solve the problems of the digital economy, a business digitalization center has been opened. Digitization of business, services, sales offers and training in working in the media are free of charge for entrepreneurs. 20 participants were selected; on June 6, an educational program began.

In the framework of the national project “Labor productivity and employment support”, subsidies to municipalities are not provided. Project participants are enterprises.

In 2019, 6 Rostov enterprises applied for participation in the program to increase labor productivity, a list of participants is being formed.

In order to form a system of industrial cooperation of small and large enterprises, to create new industries, work is being done: a subcontracting center is operating on an ongoing basis; organized investment session (10 projects); training was conducted for 15 manufacturing enterprises of the city “Introduction to TRIZ (theory of solving inventive problems)”; an interregional exchange of subcontracts was conducted (44 enterprises); The leaders of Rostov manufacturing enterprises visited the city of Chelyabinsk with a business mission.

Information posted 01.08.2019
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