A meeting was held to discuss the implementation of national projects

A meeting was held to discuss the implementation of national projects

The discussion of the progress of the implementation of national projects in the territory of the Don capital was held at an enlarged plenary meeting, with the participation of the acting president. Heads of the City Administration Alexei Logvinenko, heads of branch bodies and functional units of the Administration of Rostov, Heads of urban areas.

The acting mayor drew the attention of subordinates to the fact that participation in national projects does not give the right to mistakes, miscalculations and bureaucratic red tape.

- Implementation of national projects is a topic that each of us should deal with daily. The issue is under the special control of the regional city authorities, - said Alexey Logvinenko.

Svetlana Kambulova and Elena Kozhukhova, deputy heads of the city administration, informed the participants about the directions in which national projects are being implemented.

As noted, the Administration of Rostov-on-Don, taking into account the activities of federal and regional projects, has developed 10 road maps, fixed executives, and defined targets.

For 2019-2021, the city budget from the budgets of all levels provides for about 11.4 billion rubles to finance activities of 4 national projects (Education, Demography, Safe and High-Quality Roads, Housing and Urban Environment).

Expanding the main tasks of the “Education” project implementation, Elena Kozhukhova noted that this project is one of the most ambitious, because it concerns everyone who lives in our country, region, city. The national project "Education" is aimed at ensuring the global competitiveness of Russian education, the inclusion of our country among the 10 leading countries of the world in terms of the quality of general education and the education of a harmoniously developed and socially responsible person based on the spiritual and moral values ​​of the peoples of the Russian Federation, historical and national-cultural traditions .

Currently, Rostov-on-Don is implementing activities for five projects: “Modern School”, “Success of Every Child”, “Teacher of the Future”, “Digital Educational Environment”, “Support for Families with Children”.

In addition, within the framework of the national project, applications for the inclusion of the municipality in the implementation of activities within the framework of the federal project “Modern School” and the regional project “Creation of children's technoparks“ Kvantorium ”in the Rostov region were completed.

It is important to note the most ambitious project of the national project "Education" - "Modern School". The project aims to develop school infrastructure, reducing the number of schoolchildren involved in the second shift. For 2019 in the federal, regional and local budgets provided for these purposes 1 billion 3 million rubles.

The project is completing the construction of a school for 1,340 places in the mkr. Suvorovsky, which opens on September 1 this year. Also, the school number 32 is being reconstructed, the completion of work is planned for 2020.

In addition, as part of the national project “Housing and Urban Environment”, the construction of a school for 1,100 places in a md. Red Aksai (opening until December 2019).

In total, until 1925 another 19 schools are planned to be built in Rostov, however, for 13 educational facilities at this time, there is not even a building plot. This can be a serious problem for implementation, so the Deputy Head of the City Administration for Social Affairs drew the attention of those present to the fact that today it is necessary to form land plots on which schools will later be erected. As was noted at the meeting, the main thing is not to lose time.

Alexey Logvinenko drew attention to the quality of the projects being developed.

“We should not allow bureaucratic red tape,” the acting president emphasized. town governor. - Everything should be done according to the regulations and on time. And behind this should be tight control.

Information posted 11.07.2019
Information changed 18.07.2019