It is necessary to remove restrictions blocking the development of investment activity in Rostov

It is necessary to remove restrictions blocking the development of investment activity in Rostov

At the 40th meeting of the Rostov-on-Don City Duma today, deputies considered the issue of the Department of Economics measures to increase the investment attractiveness of the city, improve the mechanism for attracting investors and support the implementation of investment projects.

Investments are the main tool for ensuring sustainable development of the urban economy, improving the welfare and quality of life of the population. Rostov-on-Don is one of the economically developed and attractive investment cities. And the most promising sectors for investing in the Don capital are high-tech industries, engineering, light industry, retail chains, housing, infrastructure and tourism.

According to Rostovstat, which Polina Korostieva, director of the Department of Economics, cited in her report, 34.1 billion rubles were invested in fixed assets for the first half of 2019 (42.4 billion rubles for the same period of 2018). The decrease in the level of investment is due to the high base of investment indicators last year in connection with the completion of the implementation of investment projects dedicated to the World Cup.

In the first half of this year, a number of major investment projects were implemented to purchase and modernize equipment, expand production and reconstruction at such enterprises of the city as Rostvertol PJSC, KZ Rostselmash LLC, Rostov branch of Vympelcom PJSC, Rostelecom PJSC, LLC Rostov Plant Europlast, LLC Ruslan, AO VNII Gradient, PJSC Gazprom Gas Distribution Rostov-on-Don, LLC Atomspetservis, etc.

Implementation of large investment projects by such organizations as Rostovskoye JSC (construction of apartment buildings in the Suvorovsky and Platovsky microdistricts), KKPD-INVEST LLC (construction of apartment buildings in the Leventsovsky residential area), and LLC Gug YugStroyInvest LLC continues. (housing development of the Krasny Aksay microdistrict and the Veresaevo eco-district), ASO Komstroy (construction of the Ekaterininsky residential complex), Rostovvodokanal JSC (development of the water supply and sanitation system).

The list of investment projects of Rostov-on-Don as of October 1 of this year includes 61 investment projects totaling 248.5 billion rubles. Investment projects are divided into three groups: “Rostov Vanguard” (17 projects included in the list of “100 Governor's investment projects”, in the amount of 142.3 billion rubles); “ROSTov's Investments” (34 projects implemented in the city, in the amount of 80.2 billion rubles); “Territory of GROWTH” (10 projects planned for implementation in the city, in the amount of 26 billion rubles).

For the first half of 2019, 12 investment projects included in the List were implemented, totaling 8.9 billion rubles, which allowed to create 747 new jobs.

The problems limiting the flow of investments, according to Polina Korostieva, include the insufficient level of administrative support for the investor, the complexity of administrative procedures, the lack of high-quality information about affordable investment sites and development trends of industries. These restrictions, the director of the city’s Department of Economics emphasized, block the development of investment activity in Rostov.

To eliminate them, new elements of the investment management system are being developed. On behalf of the acting The Head of the City Administration, Aleksey Logvinenko, developed a Road Map project to improve the mechanism for attracting investors and supporting investment projects. A list of investment sites has been compiled, which includes 78 objects. The primary measure is the introduction of a service model for working with an investor. An important aspect of increasing the investment attractiveness of the city is the promotion of municipal-private partnership projects on its territory, the formation of a list of priority projects in the field of transport, housing and communal and social infrastructure.

The Chairman of the Permanent Commission of the City Duma on Economic Development, Investment, Industry and Energy Sergey Zarevsky informed his colleagues that the issue was discussed in detail at a meeting of the commission.

    “The Department of Economics has significantly intensified in this direction and has already taken a number of organizational measures to improve the mechanism to attract investors,” he said.

The deputies took note of the information received. By the decision of the City Duma, the Department of Economics was instructed to ensure control over the timely and effective development of the regional and city budgets allocated for the implementation of the subprogram “Creating favorable conditions for attracting investments and developing innovative activities in the city of Rostov-on-Don”; conduct targeted work with investors to inform about state support provided at the federal, regional and local levels, as well as ensure regular publication in the media of information on measures and forms of such support; search for potential sites for industrial parks and industrial parks.


Information posted 23.10.2019
Information changed 23.10.2019