The new type of subsidy for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

The new type of subsidy for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Rostov Region dated November 21, 2019 No. 818 “On the procedure for granting subsidies to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs for the reimbursement of a part of the costs of constructing refueling facilities for vehicles with compressed natural gas”, investors carrying out construction of refueling facilities for vehicles with compressed natural gas may to claim compensation for part of the costs incurred, including including the cost of acquiring a land plot, for preparation erritorii construction, for connection to external power grids, water supply, sewerage, heating and gas supply, to perform excavation work, the development of design documentation for construction and installation works, the purchase and installation of equipment.

The subsidy is granted upon compliance of the refueling facility with compressed natural gas with the following conditions:

  •     the total output power of the compressor equipment at the upper boundary of the inlet pressure range and (or) regasification equipment of the refueling facility is not less than 500 nm³ / h;
  •     the number of compressed natural gas refueling posts (pistols) at the refueling facility is at least 4;
  •     the total volume of gas accumulator blocks at a gas station is at least 2,000 liters (in the case of a gas station at least 1,000 nm³ / h, at least 1,000 liters);
  •     in case of construction of a refueling facility in the form of cryo-filling stations, the volume of cryogenic reservoirs is at least 50 m³;
  •     equipment (metering units and inlet valve blocks, drainage (cleaning) blocks, gas collectors, compressors, compressor control systems, cooling systems, priority panels, gas cylinders, gas dispensers, cryogenic tanks, regasifiers, control and shutoff valves) - new (previously not past in usage).

Applications for subsidies are received by the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Rostov Region until December 20, 2019:

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