On the implementation of export projects and attraction of foreign investors

On the implementation of export projects and attraction of foreign investors

The Rostov-on-Don city Department of Economics informs business entities of the southern capital on the implementation of the Agreement on cooperation in the external sector of the economy between the Russian Federation Ministry of Economic Development and the Government of the Rostov region.

The purpose of this Agreement, which was signed on January 28, 2013, is to unite efforts on the implementation of specific export projects of companies, attraction of foreign investors to the region through cooperation with commercial agencies of the Russian Federation abroad. The mechanism of the Agreement implementation provides for the preparation of "passports" for export and investment projects of companies in the region.

We invite the companies of Rostov-on-Don to take part in the implementation of this Agreement in order to promote the development of foreign economic activity of the city and the Rostov region in general, as well as to find foreign investors for the implementation of their projects. To do this, it is necessary to provide passports of export or investment projects.

Important criteria for selecting export projects are:

  • A significant part of work for the project implementation shall be carried out by commercial agencies of the Russian Federation abroad, not by companies themselves.
  • The export project should have economic and social significance for the region.

Applications for attracting foreign investments to regional projects should include:

  • A clear description of the stages of the project implementation, including possible risks.
  • The structure of project financing, including the possible availability of government guarantees.
  • Availability of documentation on the project, including terms of reference and business plan, financial model for the business plan, documentation for the land plot, a certificate of the availability of the investment object and infrastructure facilities.

The package of necessary documents for the formation of an export or investment project is available on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Rostov Region.

Information posted 25.10.2017
Information changed 01.11.2017