Prof-Press Publishing House Will Invest 5 Million Euro to Unique Production

Prof-Press Publishing House Will Invest 5 Million Euro to Unique Production

Rostov Company “Prof-Press” launches the first-in-Russia production of fused-in label, Svyatoslav Shalay, the owner and the director of the company, told to “ExpertYug”. He said that a new product will become a first performance of the Russian market. The announced investment volume to the project is more than 5 million euro.

The preparation for the project release began in 2014, Svyatoslav Shalay said. “We develop this subject for four years, the equipment was selected in Germany, we shall test it soon. The test samples will take several months, the real production will be started by autumn of 2019”, the manager of the company said. The investment to new production is planned to be compensated during 3-5 years.
The fused-in label compared to the traditional one has some advantages. Firstly, it is 100% of the same material that is used for packing. It makes the recycling easier. Secondly, “fused-in” image protects against falsification. Moreover this technology makes the final product cheaper due to the reduction of production stages, Shalay asserted.

“ProfPress” stakes on this direction, because in case of wide application of fused-in label in food industry, production of toys and household products – it is not made in Russia.

“ProfPress” Publishing house, established in 2002, is among the stably growing companies. According to the information from “SPARK-Interfax”, in 2016 the net income of the publishing house amounted 178 million rubles, the revenue — 2.4 billion rubles.

Information posted 10.05.2018
Information changed 21.05.2018