"Ross-diesel" - one of the leaders in the repair and maintenance of diesel fuel equipment in the Southern Federal District

Ross-diesel - one of the leaders in the repair and maintenance of diesel fuel equipment in the Southern Federal District

Since 2003, Ross-Diesel has been operating in Rostov, servicing and repairing diesel engines of passenger cars and trucks, special equipment, and selling fuel equipment. Over the years of its existence, it has become one of the leaders in its business in the Southern Federal District.

The company was visited by Svetlana Kambulova, Deputy Head of the Administration of Rostov for Economics, on a working visit. She inspected the fuel workshop for repair of diesel and fuel equipment, the workshop for the repair of the common rail system of manufacturers Bosch, Delphi, Denso, AZPI, a warehouse, car diagnostics, talked to the staff.

New technologies and software are actively used in the work of Ross-diesel. So, there is a stand for testing nozzles (these are devices for spraying fuel inside the combustion chamber), made specifically for Bosch auto services, the only robot in the Southern Federal District that assembles nozzles with little or no human intervention, the equipment on which new-generation pumps are made, creating pressure of 2 thousand atmospheres (metal is cut with such pressure), and much more.

Highly qualified specialists work with such new and technological equipment. According to the general director of the company, the head of the Board of Directors of the Sovetsky district, Oleg Tovkach, each employee raises qualifications several times a year. A good example is given by the manager himself: he is studying in Russia and abroad.

The company is the official supplier of fuel equipment, spare parts and components in the Southern Federal District. She signed contracts with manufacturers in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Barnaul, Noginsk, as well as the Czech Republic and China, signed general agreements with Bosch Car Service and Bosch Diesel Center for warranty and post warranty service for vehicles and heavy vehicles.

Large holdings of agricultural machinery, municipal organizations of urban transport, individuals, companies involved in cargo transportation, housing and public utilities organizations, and commercial organizations, on whose balance sheet there are cars from trucks to passenger cars, are Ross-diesel customers. Among them are “Rostselmash”, “Bison South”, “Novocherkassk plant of welding electrodes”, “Clean City” and others.

Information posted 26.07.2019
Information changed 29.07.2019