Rostov-Arena Stadium is Officially Open

Rostov-Arena Stadium is Officially Open

On May 13 there was an official opening of “Rostov-Arena” new stadium constructed specially for FIFA World Cup 2018.

The solemn ceremony was witnessed by Olga Golodets, acting as the First Deputy Prime Minister, and Vasiliy Golubev, the Governor of the Rostov region. They congratulated the audience with this significant sport event in the history of the city and handled the symbolical key to the stadium to Artashes Arutyunyants, the president of Rostov Football Club.

Открытие стадиона

“Today’s opening of Rostov-Arena is an important step in the development of Russian football. Due to such stadiums we will revive Russian football. Good luck!” Olga Golodets addressed to the athletes and fans.

In his turn Vasiliy Golobev reminded that Football World Cup would begin very soon.

“A holiday, which will leave a significant heritage. The stadium, sports grounds, parks, embankment — all these will remain for the Rostov region, for the future generations,” the governor of the Rostov region said.

The spectators performed the hymn “Rostov city, Rostov-Don” composition, lifting the colorful modules on the stands and coloring the stadium with yellow-blue colors.

Ростов Арена

After the termination of the solemn ceremony there was held the third test match between “Rostov” and “Ural”. Rostov football players won a confident win in the home field with the score 1:0.

Recall that Rostov-Arena – a multi-functional stadium of international class that meets all FIFA and UEFA requirements became the largest object for the city constructed within the preparation program for World Cup. In fact it is the largest sports facility in Rostov-on-Don designed for 45000 spectators.

Ростов Арена ночью

One of the peculiarities of Rostov-Arena stadium became the wonderful view creating a unique participation effect. The spectator can clearly hear the players’ voices, their faces and movements even from the last rows of upper sections.

Information posted 14.05.2018
Information changed 21.05.2018