Rostov Electric Locomotive Repair Plant Raised Production by 40% in the First Half of the Year

Rostov Electric Locomotive Repair Plant Raised Production by 40% in the First Half of the Year

Rostov electric locomotive repair plant (RELRP) is a part of the group of companies “LocoTech”. The plant raised production by 40% in the first half of the year as compared with the same period of the previous year. During visiting of Zheleznodorozhniy District, Deputy Head of the City Administration for Economics, Dmitriy Chernyshov, paid a visit to the plant and communicated with the management and staff of the enterprise.

Currently, an extensive production modernization takes place at the plant. For example, recently, RELRP received new equipment for production of electric machines – a vacuum impregnation machine at the cost of about 5.5 million rubles. In general, in 2018, it is planned to allocate about 87 million rubles (which is 2.5 times more as compared with the last year) for the development of the plant within the framework of the investment program.

It should be added that the plant pays special attention to the social matters as well. About 2,000 people are employed here, 490 of them are young professionals. The average monthly salary of all the staff was about 36 thousand rubles in the first quarter of the year. Regular training activities are held at the plant for managers, specialists and personnel of the standard professions.

Dmitriy Chernyshov denoted the importance of attraction and support of young staff members and accented that it would facilitate the company’s new level of development. During the visit, he met the plant personnel and reported about the city development.

“Thanks to the World Cup and involvement of considerable volumes of regional and federal government funding, we succeeded in implementation of many projects for the past 5 years”, Deputy Mayor for Economics addressed to the employees. “Economic indicators show good trend. For example, an Industrial Production Index was 128.6% as compared with the same period in 2017. But there is much work to be done in the future and we set ourselves ambitious plans.

RELRP employees expressed their interest and asked a number of questions related to various areas of the city life.


Information posted 10.09.2018
Information changed 18.09.2018