Rostov-on-Don Actively Preparing for the World Cup 2018

Rostov-on-Don Actively Preparing for the World Cup 2018

Activities for the preparation of Rostov for the holding of the World Cup 2018 football matches are held in all areas of the city’s life.

The Head of the City Administration Vitaly Kushnaryov notes that there is an active preparation for the host of the guests in Rostov.

“All the city services have clear tasks and deadlines. Rostov has always been famous for its traditions and hospitality, while it is not inferior to modern requirements. Showing the level of preparation of the city and its attractiveness for future tourists is the priority for us remains. Therefore, all facilities, programs and plans are now under my individual control,” underlined Vitaly Kushnarev.

In the left-bank part of the city, the reconstruct of the bridge crossing the Don River in the Voroshilovsky Avenue is underway. This reconstruction project will significantly increase the capacity and reduce the time of transportation of city visitors. Also, for the development of the road infrastructure of the new stadium, two pedestrian routes from its eastern and western sides are being built.

As for the reconstruction of the Rowing Canal, the activities are being carried out according to the schedule. This territory is intended for the development of mass and professional sports.

Landscaping of the Don capital in the run-up to the Championship is given special attention. So, within the framework of the city volunteer clean-up day and the Day of Arboriculture, the Rostovites have planted 13,792 trees and more than 8 thousand shrubs.

To promote Rostov-on-Don as a major tourism center, the City Administration implements activities aimed at developing tourist attractiveness.

The development and publication of printed products is being conducted, and participation in international and regional events of a tourist orientation is arranged.

Information posted 05.06.2017
Information changed 05.06.2017