Rostov-on-Don increases its investment potential

Rostov-on-Don increases its investment potential

On Friday, June 14, a meeting of the Investment Council was held under the head of the Administration of the city of Rostov-on-Don, chaired by the Deputy Head of the City Administration for Economics, Svetlana Kambulova.

Deputy councilors of the city’s administration, heads of administrations of the city’s districts, heads of functional units and branch (functional) bodies of the city’s administration, heads of utilities, and representatives of the business community took part in the work of the Council.

Opening the meeting, Svetlana Kambulova voiced statistics for the current year.

According to the operational data of the Rostovstat, in January-March of the current year 14.9 billion rubles were spent on a full circle of enterprises and organizations for the investments in fixed assets (14.5 billion for the same period of 2018). rubles). The growth rate compared to the corresponding period last year was 103%, said Svetlana Kambulova.

The agenda of the meeting included investment projects implemented in the Leninsky district of the city. The acting head of the district administration, Viktor Baranov, informed that at the moment the list of investment projects in the district consists of 16 projects and business proposals totaling over 20 billion rubles, of which 9 projects totaling 13.8 billion rubles.

One of the most significant investment projects of the region for the city is the complex reconstruction of the Central Market of the city. Deputy Director, Head of the Financial and Economic Department of Central Market CJSC Galina Vasilenko said that the main object of the renovation was the construction of a covered market building with underground parking on 12 Budennovsky Avenue. The facility was commissioned in August 2018 and is a 2-storey building for 393 retail sites with an underground two-level park for 210 cars.

In addition, as part of the investment project, 87 pavilions were built - in the central part of the market, a shopping gallery was built - an exit to the lane. Semashko, so that was created 538 trading locations throughout the market. The total investment amounted to 501 million rubles, including 457 million rubles disbursed.

Alexander Evseev, General Director of the Construction and Installation Department No. 1, told about the progress of the implementation of another investment project of the region “Construction of a 2-storey shopping center on Siversa Avenue, 23”.

This project includes the creation of a modern department store with an area of 21,991 sq.m. The total investment is 450 million rubles (own funds). As of June 1, 2019, about 90 million rubles were spent. The project implementation period: 2018-2020.

In conclusion, the work of the Council and. Polina Korostieva, Director of the Department of Economics of the City, informed about amendments to the “List of investment projects in Rostov-on-Don”. Thus, 4 projects totaling 2.4 billion rubles were excluded from the List due to their completion, and one due to the suspension of its implementation for an indefinite period. Also, the project “Reconstruction of the unfinished construction of a business complex with integrated parking (Sivers Prospect, 2E) was excluded.

In the section “Territory of GROWTH” a project “Creating a micro-transport system based on the network of automatic scooters“ Scooter Schering ”was added. In addition, the sum of the Western Residence project has been increased from 3.5 billion rubles to 4.1 billion rubles.

Information posted 17.06.2019
Information changed 25.06.2019