Rostov Pizzeria Got “Made in Donland” Trademark

Rostov Pizzeria Got “Made in Donland” Trademark

The representatives of LLC “Pizzeria” (trade name - Campania Pizza & Pasta) received a certificate of “Made in Donland” trademark assignment from the Director of Consumer Market Department of Rostov region Irina Telarova.

The Head of the Department noted that today the small companies producing safe product of good quality can become the owners of “Made in Donland” trademark.

Answering the journalists’ question on how the company with the name Campania Pizza & Pasta could become the owner of “Made in Donland” trademark, Irina Telarova cleared out that after meeting all the certification requirements the pizzeria observed the one of the main conditions:

“Yes, the concept is Italian, but at that they use the Donland products”, Irina Telarova highlighted. “By the way, this also inspires the local farming enterprisers for the production of good quality products.”


Information posted 24.04.2018
Information changed 03.05.2018