Rostov Processed Cheese Factory manufactures its products of Don milk

Rostov Processed Cheese Factory manufactures its products of Don milk

Deputy Head of the City Administration for Economics, Dmitriy Chernyshov, visited Rostov Processed Cheese Factory LLC.

The enterprise is engaged in the manufacturing of dairy and fermented milk products and processed cheese. The tan, ayran, and matsoni have been producing since 2003.

Dmitriy Chernyshov inspected the factory laboratory, where raw materials are examined, as well as manufacturing workshops and refrigeration facilities.

The factory receives up to 30 tons of whole and skimmed milk daily. Milk suppliers are the Don enterprises and entrepreneurs.

The factory manufactures 3 to 5 tons of whole milk, 40 to 50 tons of fermented milk products, and up to 1 ton of processed cheese per day.

“We are constantly engaged in innovations, automatize the manufacturing processes. We employ about 80 people so that we are considered a small enterprise,” – Director-General of the enterprise, Yuriy Karakashian, said.

He also turned attention to the fact that the power capacity of the acting steam boiler station is not sufficient for the factory.

Rostov Processed Cheese Factory was founded in 1936. The factory products are presented in the shops of the Don capital and the region, trade networks of the Southern Federal District, Voronezh, Saratov, and Moscow Regions.


Information posted 01.11.2018
Information changed 20.11.2018