Rostov restaurant of Lebanese cuisine received the quality sign “Made in Donland”

Rostov restaurant of Lebanese cuisine received the quality sign “Made in Donland”

Director of the Department for retail markets of the Rostov Region, Irina Telarova, presented the Certificate of the conformity sign award of the system of voluntary certification “Made in Donland” to the management team of the Rostov restaurant of Lebanese cuisine “Grill & Garden” (Vostok, LLC).

“This restaurant, despite its distinctiveness, in this case – Lebanese cuisine, uses nearly 60% of the products of local producers to cook their meals,” Irina Telarova noted. “Thus, the restaurant promotes the production of high-quality local products.”


In his turn, Director-General of the restaurant, Igor Komarnitskiy, noted that local raw materials stand out for their high quality and reasonable cost.

“We cook from the products produced in the Don Region, and we are proud of it. Many local manufacturers guarantee quality and offer attractive prices at the same time. Herewith, the dishes we prepare are absolutely authentic, and it is confirmed by the guests from Lebanon visiting our restaurant. Many people visited our restaurant during the World Cup in Rostov-on-Don.


As noted by the directors of the facility, the characteristic feature of the restaurant is a full interior landscaping, there are more than 10,000 flowers and plants on the outdoor terrace. Visitors can supervise the cooking process in the restaurant garden.

The certificate “Made in Donland” is issued to the restaurant of Lebanese cuisine “Grill & Garden” for one year. If, during this period, the company passes all quality audits, it will receive the certificate for three years.

Information posted 03.08.2018
Information changed 30.08.2018