Rostov scientists are developing an innovative steam generator of new generation

Rostov scientists are developing an innovative steam generator of new generation

The research team of the Don State Technical University (DSTU) and the residents of the Foundation for Development of the Skolkovo Innovation Center are developing a steam generator of new generation which is capable of producing from 100 to 1500 kg of steam per hour. The uniqueness of such electronic equipment lies in the fact that it produces steam by means of the most effective method of energy conversion – induction.

Vladimir Shipilov, Head of the DSTU Public Resource Center “Energotech” and Skolkovo resident, Valentin Sidorenko, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor of “Hydraulics, Hydropneumatics and Thermal Processes” Department, and Airat Fazlyev, Skolkovo resident and Director-General of V-Plasma, LLC are the development authors.

In the scientists’ development, the vaporization process results from a combination of water, current and a new magnetodynamic plasma discharge – a low-temperature plasma (see reference), it allows energy transformation from one type to another with the maximum possible efficiency factor (see reference), that is more efficient and more profitable for a consumer.

“We combined the thermal effect on the heated substance with the magnetic field effect,” – Vladimir Shipilov explains. – “The magnetic field does not transfer the active energy, but the substance atoms are triggered under its influence facilitating the active energy transfer from the heat source to the heated medium, and, respectively, a high efficiency factor of the heat energy transfer is provided.

DSTU scientists designed the first model of the inductive water heater in 2009, and, in 2013, the developers assembled the first steam generator, which is now presented as a scientific exhibit item in the basic university. The advanced equipment was protected by three Russian patents.

Currently, the development of the inductive steam generator is coming up for conclusion in the Skolkovo Innovation Center. In the nearest time, the scientists plan to serialize the equipment and deliver it to the mass market.


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Information posted 27.09.2018
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