Rostov scientists developed innovative bricks

Rostov scientists developed innovative bricks

Scientists of the Don State Technical University developed innovative bricks with ultra-strength and noise-proof characteristics. Unlike with the analogues, they are not subject to the wind erosion, and they are dust-, soot- and water-proof as well. The service life of the building material is from 50 to 100 years.

“We discovered a new type of raw material which can be used as the basis for eco-friendly, very durable and time-proof bricks manufacturing in the territory of Russia using the local and available raw-material base” – reported the author of the development, Marina Orlova.

Work on the search for raw materials lasted five years and, during this period, scientists have studied 25 clay deposits. As a result, a nano-reinforced mudstone-like clay, which is widespread in the Rostov Region and in the North Caucasus, was suited for bricks manufacturing. Another ingredient with the super-properties is a special mineral supplement. Its formulation is kept in secret yet.

According to the inventors, the estimated cost of new bricks is about three to four times lower than that of the foreign analogues. The innovative bricks may be used for buildings construction, as well as for buildings cladding.

Beside the bricks, the new technology may be used for manufacturing of thin roof tiles, wall cladding panels, porcelain tiles, armored ceramics, and nanostructured ceramics.


Information posted 04.09.2018
Information changed 10.09.2018