"Rostov VOZDUHOzaVOD" (ventilation factory): a worthy position in the domestic and foreign markets for ventilation equipment

Rostov VOZDUHOzaVOD (ventilation factory): a worthy position in the domestic and foreign markets for ventilation equipment

A number of industrial enterprises of the city are located on the territory of Donagropromsnab LLC, including Roven-Regions LLC and Rostov VOZDUHOzaVOD LLC, which occupy 30% of the production capacity.

The products manufactured by Rostov VOZDUHOzaVOD LLC are supplied by Roven-Regions LLC to all regions of Russia, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan. 200 people work in Roven-Regions LLC.


The Rostov VOZDUHOzaVOD company produces ventilation equipment that is sold not only in Russia, but also in the neighboring countries: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Mongolia. Deputy head of the Rostov administration on economics Svetlana Kambulova visited the company on July 18 and inspected production sites for cutting, bending, welding, assembling finished products, as well as air distributors.


Rostov VOZDUHOzaVOD was registered in 2007. Since then, it has grown from a garage in 12 production sites, the area of ​​which is about 6 thousand square meters, and the number of its employees has increased from 10 to 250.

In their own design office, the company's specialists modernize the ventilation equipment, introduce advanced technologies, optimize the elements of the products. This helps reduce production costs and not lose quality. Thanks to this, the company supplies products to the market at more attractive prices. In addition, the employees of ROSTOV AIR DEPARTMENT develop and master new types of products.

The company is equipped with machines from leading manufacturers. It uses components from Russia and from European countries, from China.

The life of all the details begins in the metal cutting workshop. According to the company's general director Pavel Mostovshchikov, about 40 thousand parts are cracked per day. Then they are transferred to bending, welding, painting, machining, where they make components for fans. As a result, at the assembly site assemble finished products that go on sale.


Information posted 26.07.2019
Information changed 29.07.2019