Acceptance of applications for personal digital certificates has started

Acceptance of applications for personal digital certificates has started

Residents of the Rostov Region will be in time before the New Year to become a member of the Digital Certificates program - free training in modern digital specialties. December 5 in five regions of the country began accepting applications for personal digital certificates.

Among the pilot regions, the Rostov Region is one of the first in Russia to be able to obtain 1,000 personal digital certificates and increase the professional competence and intellectual capital of its residents. Next year, more than 30 thousand people across the country will receive digital certificates under the federal project "Personnel for the Digital Economy".

In the meantime, residents of Bashkortostan, Yakutia, Tatarstan, Rostov and Tula regions from 18 to 60 years old with completed secondary vocational or higher education will be free to upgrade their skills in relevant digital areas, such as “Programming and creating IT products”, “Digital marketing for entrepreneurs and self-employed ”,“ Industrial Design and 3D Modeling ”,“ Mobile Application Development ”, etc.

Currently, the catalog contains 40 continuing education programs approved by the NTI University 20.35. The selection of new courses for participation in the program continues and is now on the portal.

Each participant will be able to choose a suitable direction on the official website of the цифровойсертификат.рф project using online testing, which will determine the behavioral style, motivation and psychometric indicators of candidates. Project tutors will help participants make a choice in favor of the areas that are required by employers in each region.

In our region, support and assistance to participants is provided by the autonomous non-profit organization for the innovative development of education and science, FIRON, having won the competitive selection of regional operators of the Digital Certificates program.

The providers of educational services are organizations of higher, secondary vocational and additional professional education, as well as educational online platforms. The following educational organizations have applied for participation in the project in the Rostov Region: DSTU, SFU, RSEU (RINH), SRSPU (NPI named after Platov), ​​South Russian Institute of Management - Branch of RANEPA, Southern University (IUBiP), South Russian Certification Center FSUE Research Institute "Spetsvuzavtomatika", Agency for Innovative Development, Rostov Center for Advanced Studies in Information Technologies and Communications and the Academy of Digital Economics (training center "Gandalf").

The list of the first organizations selected by the NTI University 20.35 includes the RSEU (RINH) and YURIU RANEPA programs, as well as the courses of Sberbank Corporate University and Lectorium, which took the initiative to support the project in the Rostov Region.

You can consult or find out detailed information on the Digital Certificates program by calling the hotline: 8 (800) 700-20-35 or by email at

Information posted 16.12.2019
Information changed 16.12.2019