Success Rockets opened a satellite manufacturing company in Rostov

Success Rockets opened a satellite manufacturing company in Rostov

The subsidiary will be based in the Rubin technological coworking space.

«As of today, the priority direction of SR Satellites will be the assembly of small spacecraft, the tasks of which are planned to be implemented in partnership with the Arcturus center».

According to the service of RBC Company, SR Satellites LLC was registered July 13 this year in Rostov-on-Don. The general director and founder of the organization, which owns 25% in the authorized capital, is Oleg Mansurov. The other 75% belongs to the joint-stock company Successful Rocket, in which both the head and the founder is Mansurov. It is indicated that the company's activity consists in scientific research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences.

Earlier, RBC Rostov quoted Anton Alekseev, Advisor to the Governor of the Region, that since this year, the Rostov Region has begun to develop the sphere of space technologies: an Arcturus center has been created on the basis of the federal research institute, on the planet, an educational initiative is underway for the purposes of the national project «Science».

Success Rockets CEO Oleg Mansurov said that in the near future in the region will register a subsidiary structure that will design small spacecraft, and the region itself is viewed as a site for the construction of a cosmodrome, from where ultralight rockets will be launched into open space.


Information posted 19.07.2021
Information changed 20.07.2021