The city administration expands forms and methods of the business support

The city administration expands forms and methods of the business support

A media briefing, which was held in the city press centre “Rostov Official” just before the Day of Russian Entrepreneurship, was dedicated to the issues of the development of entrepreneurship in the Don capital, including the support of small and medium-sized businesses.

In 2018, the turnover of small and medium-sized businesses of the city amounted to 718.1 billion roubles, which is 7% higher than in 2017. Traditionally, the largest share of small and medium-sized businesses – 36.9% – accrues to wholesale and retail trade in Rostov. At the same time, the share of such business activities as industrial production and construction is growing.

It was particularly noted that the Don capital is ahead of other large cities, and even regions, in terms of the number of small and medium-sized businesses – 62 of 85 territorial entities of the RF, for example, the Omsk Region – by 1 thousand entities, the Tyumen Region – by 2 thousand, the Belgorod Region – by 5 thousand, and the margin just increases further.

Another fact is indicative too: Half of the newly established enterprises of the Rostov Region accrues to the Don capital.

The city administration builds up relations with business entities in the form of an open dialogue, tries to understand what interferes with the businesses and how to help them overcome difficulties of the development, what kind of mechanisms, including legislative initiatives, should be used to ensure their dynamic development that serves the interests of the urban community.

The Rostov Fund for Business Support provides small and medium enterprises with microloans on favourable terms.

Furthermore, the list of categories of loan recipients is broadened. For example, such categories as women on the maternity leave, physically disabled entrepreneurs were included. Also, credits on easy terms are provided to enterprises which received the quality label “Made in Don Land”.

These and other positive changes are caused particularly by the demands of the natives of Rostov-on-Don who are eager to develop own businesses.

The launch of three projects – the business digitalization program, business accelerator program, and innovative business accelerator program – became fundamentally new in the field of support for small and medium-sized businesses this year.

Activities of the Centre for Business Digitalization will help companies to create their own digital profiles in the media landscape. This should increase the recognisability of companies, create more partnerships, raise incomes.

The work of the business accelerator is a combination of training and practical activities aimed at the development of the ongoing business through the implementation of new strategies and methods, their application in practice.

Information posted 24.05.2019
Information changed 25.06.2019