The floodplain bridge on the South entrance to Rostov will be completed by November

The floodplain bridge on the South entrance to Rostov will be completed by November

Working traffic on the bridge at the southern entrance to Rostov can begin already in December this year. Reconstruction of the highway goes ahead of the schedule by almost a month. Governor Vasilii Golubev has convinced himself of this today, August 31, during the inspection of road facilities in Rostov-on-Don.

At the southern entrance, the construction of the floodplain bridge and the installation of two overpasses is close to completion. Coating and strengthening of slopes and drainage systems are underway. The floodplain bridge and one of the overpasses are ready for 70%, the reverse overpass is completed by 60% and the bridge overpass is made by 90%.

Кушнарев, Голубев

It should be reminded that since November 2016 the first stage of reconstruction of the southern entrance to Rostov-on-Don has been carried out. It includes the construction of a new floodplain bridge, two overpasses, transport interchanges at different levels, and a reverse overpass in the shopping mall area. The total cost of the reconstruction of this site is 2.9 billion Russian rubles.  2 billion- of these rubles work will be completed by the end of this year.

"As a result of this large-scale construction in Rostov region, a two-level solution of such complexity will be built for the first time. Roaders are working ahead of schedule, and this gives reason to expect that they will complete this stage by the opening of the" Rostov-Arena" stadium", said Vasilii Golubev.

Information posted 31.08.2017
Information changed 13.09.2017