The Krasny Aksay residential district creates a comfortable living environment for its residents

The Krasny Aksay residential district creates a comfortable living environment for its residents

Under the chairmanship of the Deputy Head of the Rostov-on-Don City Administration on Construction and Architecture, Oleg Markitantov, an on-site meeting took place on the territory of the new residential district Krasny Aksay, in which the Director of the Department for Coordination of Construction and Prospective Development of the Rostov-on-Don City, Andrey Dikun, and the Head of the "YugStroyInvest" construction organization, Yury Ivanov, took part.

During the meeting, the issues of implementing the investment project from the Rostov-on-Don City Register of Investment Projects, including residential construction and the creation of social infrastructure facilities, have been considered.

At the territory of the Krasny Aksay residential district, the construction of two kindergartens for 160 and 100 places is planned, the first of which has already been put into operation in 2017 and the school complex for 1100 places, the design documentation of which is included in the Register of cost-effective re-use projects.

Красный Аксай

Let's note, the "YugStroyInvest" construction organization is one of the leaders in the field of residential construction in the South of Russia today.

The construction of a new residential district Krasny Aksay with a town-planning capacity of 400 thousand square meters was started in 2016; in 2017, the first 3 apartment buildings for 1249 apartments with a total area of 62.1 thousand square meters were put into operation A total construction of 26 multi-apartment buildings is planned at this residential district territory.

A stadium, a street workout-playground and a fitness center with a swimming pool will be built at this residential district territory soon.

In addition, guest parking and stylobate parking are provided. The width of the crossings is 11 meters, which will allow you to move around comfortably in a car along the residential district.

Information posted 07.02.2018
Information changed 12.02.2018