The Oldest Polygraphic Complex of Rostov Shows Modern Production Capabilities

The Oldest Polygraphic Complex of Rostov Shows Modern Production Capabilities

As part of the routine working tour, the Deputy Head of the City Administration for Economics Affairs Dmitry Chernyshov met with one of the oldest printing enterprises of the city – Kniga, CJSC.

The enterprise general director Galina Martirosova conducted a tour around the plant, during which Dmitry Chernyshov got acquainted with the work of the typing, binding and printing shops.

Today, production and publishing complex upgraded shops equipped with the latest computer equipment publish books with hard and soft binding, glossy magazines, brochures, letterheads, and printed cardboard boxes.


Also, Kniga, CJSC was the initiator of the release of a series of children books “The Magic Country,” which has more than 50 titles and more than 20 varieties of coloring.

The production capacity of the enterprise is 85 million sheets (impressions).

As Galina Martirosova told, today the enterprise has 47 employees.

Summing up the working tour, Dmitry Chernyshov noted the merits of employees and stressed that, despite the fact that the world lives in the digital age, the childhood of each child begins with a book.

- The oldest typographic complex is the pride of Rostov-on-Don. The world gradually abandons the paper, translating the text into electronic versions. But, despite the global trends, Kniga, CJSC continues to produce books. Very soon, a new academic year will begin and thousands of Russian schoolchildren will open study materials printed exactly at the Rostov factory.

Information posted 10.08.2017
Information changed 14.08.2017