The Results of the Continuous Federal Business Census

The Results of the Continuous Federal Business Census

The continuous monitoring of the federal activities of small and medium-sized businesses was summed up in Rostov-on-Don within the framework of a press conference held on August 8 at the congress hall of the DSTU.

The main speakers of the event were the interim head of Rostov Statistics Marina Samoilova, the Rector of the DSTU Besarion Meskhi, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Rostov Region Oleg Kryzhanovsky, the Deputy Director of the Department of Economics of Rostov-on-Don Polina Korostieva, the Director of Autonomous Nonprofit Organization-Microfinance Company “Rostov Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship Support” Inna Korolkova, and the Deputy Head of Corporate Department of Center-Invest Bank Maria Hristolyubova.


On the basis of a business census of 2015, Rostov region has almost 166,000 SMEs. According to this indicator, our region has ranked into the top ten regions of the country. To date, the Don region has more than 177,000 SMEs.

At present, 76% of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs operate in the real sector. It was also noted that in five years the number of small enterprises had decreased by 16%. The highest level of economic activity registered was 98.5%.

The smallest group includes the medium-sized enterprises – there are 482 of the in Rostov region. However, as a result of their activities, they stand out sharply as compared with the small businesses and micro-enterprises. In this group, the economic activity of enterprises is very high – 99.4%.

They also spoke about the fact that thanks to the continuous monitoring the staff of the territorial department of the Federal State Statistics Service could clarify the contribution of small business in the investment portfolio of Rostov region. It was slightly higher than in previous years, and amounted to RUB 4.5 billion.

Following the meeting it was noted that anyone could see the results of continuous monitoring at the Rostovstat’s website in a special section “Complete Statistical Survey of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.”

Information posted 10.08.2017
Information changed 14.08.2017