The volume of investments in the Don capital is steadily growing

The volume of investments in the Don capital is steadily growing

When opening the next-to-last meeting of the Investment Council in this year, Vitalii Kushnarev, the Head of the Administration of Rostov-on-Don city, spoke about the dynamic growth of the city's investment potential.

The mayor said that according to operational statistics, the volume of investments for the first nine months of 2017 amounted to 49 billion rubles, including 31 billion rubles for large and medium-sized enterprises, which is 7 percent more than in the same period of the last year. - During this period, 12 projects have been implemented and more than 450 new jobs have been created.

As it was said at the meeting, the main influence on the developed dynamics in the whole city is made by enterprises of the defense industry, producers of agricultural machinery, electrical equipment, vegetable oils (Rostvertol, Rostselmash, Yug Rusi).

Yurii Zolotarev, the Head of the District Administration, informed the participants of the meeting about how the list of investment projects is being formed and about the progress of their implementation in the Oktiabrsky district of Rostov.

Svetlana Kambulova, the Director of the Department of Economics of Rostov-on-Don, told about the changes and additions to the list of investment projects of the Don capital.

As a result of the amendments made, the List will comprise 92 projects for the total amount of 230 billion rubles.

Vitalii Kushnarev, the Head of the City Administration, said summarizing the results of the meeting that we set the task of attracting investments in fixed assets of at least 98 billion rubles (for a full range of enterprises). Moreover, our forecast for large and medium-sized enterprises is 70% of the total investment, which is about 69 billion rubles. I am happy to state that the city list of investment projects does not represent a uniform mass, but, on the contrary, it consists not only of housing infrastructure facilities, but also projects related to production, social and tourist infrastructure.

Information posted 22.11.2017
Information changed 29.11.2017