Vladimir Putin has visited the Don capital

Vladimir Putin has visited the Don capital

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, began his working trip to the Rostov region on Thursday, February 1, from a visit to the Platov Airport Complex.

Vasily Golubev told the head of state about the renovation project for the territory of the old airport as follows:

— Renovation provides for housing construction at 2.8 million square meters of housing, almost 100 thousand people will be able to live here; the commissioning of the first houses is planned in 2021. Special attention will be paid to social infrastructure – 17 kindergartens and 8 schools, medical institutions, sports facilities, cultural and exhibition centers will be built, the governor informed the president.


Vladimir Putin approved, "It is good that in the process of renovation, much attention will be paid to social facilities."

Then, accompanied by Vasily Golubev, the RO Governor, the President Vladimir Putin has inspected the newly created tractor production facility at the Rostselmash Combine Plant and familiarized himself with its products.

The tractor production facility was created at the Rostselmash two years ago: they produce RSM 2375 – a tractor of the sixth traction class, which is designed to carry out agricultural operations of any agricultural technologies in all climatic regions. One machine is capable of processing up to 200 ha per day.


In addition, the Head of State has got acquainted with new equipment samples, manufactured at the enterprise, and also communicated with its employees.

The workers of the plant have asked the Head of State to continue supporting the enterprise for several years. In response, the President said that he would instruct the government to consider the possibility of extending the program.


During his working trip to the Rostov Region, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, accompanied by the RO Governor, Vasily Golubev, has carried out a fly-over the Rostov-Arena Stadium and the objects facilities to it, built for the 2018 World Cup.

Vasily Golubev has reported to Vladimir Putin about the readiness for the World Cup of the new stadium and sports infrastructure in Rostov-on-Don, as well as the prospects for the development of the sports and recreation cluster on the left bank of the million-plus city.

It is to be recalled that five matches of the World Cup, including the 1/8 finals, will be held this summer in the Don capital. The preparations for this significant event has been carried out in the Rostov Region since 2012.

Information posted 02.02.2018
Information changed 12.02.2018