Voroshilovsky Bridge Is 90% Ready

Voroshilovsky Bridge Is 90% Ready

It is necessary to ensure a 100% construction readiness of the Voroshilovsky Bridge by the beginning of September. This was stated on June 7 by the Deputy Governor Vladimir Krupin at a meeting on the reconstruction of the facility. He recalled that the governor set the task: to open traffic on the renovated Voroshilovsky Bridge on September 13 this year – the day of celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Rostov region.

To date, the construction readiness of the bridge is 88%.

The reconstruction project of the Voroshilovsky Bridge includes the construction of two completely new facilities with the only use of a foundation part of the former structure, which will be significantly strengthened. There will be 6 traffic lanes instead of two – three in each direction.

On August 11, 2015, the traffic on the new bridge was opened.

During the construction, the most modern technologies of bridge construction were used. When installing medium spans, the Heavy Lifting technology was used – lifting of the middle span by jacks located on the arranged supports from barges. The lift of the span of the left bridge took place on December 7-8, 2014; the span of the right bridge was lifted on October 19-20, 2016.

The Voroshilovsky Bridge, in conjunction with the updated transport infrastructure on the left bank, will provide access to the recreational area of ​​Rostov-on-Don, in particular – to the new stadium. This is one of the most important facilities for the region, and not only for the preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It connects Rostov-on-Don with the demanded southern direction. Every day tens of thousands of cars from Azov and Bataysk come to Rostov-on-Don and back.

Information posted 09.06.2017
Information changed 14.06.2017