World Cup 2018 Gave an Impetus to the Creation of a Sports Cluster in Rostov

World Cup 2018 Gave an Impetus to the Creation of a Sports Cluster in Rostov

The sports and infrastructure facilities built for the World Cup 2018 will be used for their intended purpose. Training stadiums and bases will be made available to children's sports schools, and a sports cluster for 18 Olympic sports will be constructed on the left bank of the Don.

“We expect that World Cup 2018 guests will return to us, as well as their friends and acquaintances became aware of the Dot territory and of our hospitality”, - said First Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region, Igor Guskov.

It is known that the great preparatory work has been performed before the grandiose sports event. The largest in southern Russia airport “Platov” and the stadium “Rostov Arena”, as well as new bridges and roads, were built from the ground up, athletics facilities were built and reconstructed as well. In total, the Rostov Region directed about 100 billion rubles to the preparation for the world championship.

As First Deputy Governor noted, the “football heritage” would be used as smoothly as possible. Within two years, the stadium “Rostov Arena” will be put at the Region disposal and will become a home stadium for the football club “Rostov”. Six training stadiums will be made available for use of children's sports schools.

Thereon, the construction has not yet been completed. Thanks to the new transport and engineering infrastructure, the whole sports cluster is being created on the left bank of the Don. On the east side of the “Rostov Arena” will be constructed an ice stadium for 5,500 spectators. On the right-hand side of the city exit, a Handball arena is projected. Opposite to Grebnoy Kanal, an equestrian complex will be constructed. Thus, the entire left-bank territory of Rostov-on-Don will become a high-class sports area for champions training in 18 sports.

Information posted 04.07.2018
Information changed 16.07.2018