New support tools launched as part of the national program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”

New support tools launched as part of the national program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”

RVC begins a competitive selection of grant recipients for state support of leading research centers (LIC) and leading companies in the development of products, services and platform solutions based on end-to-end digital technologies. The competitive selection was initiated by the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation as part of the implementation in 2019 of the federal project “Digital Technologies” of the national program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”.

Russian research organizations with experience of international cooperation in the field of R&D in the areas of end-to-end technologies will be able to apply for support under the LIC program. The ultimate recipient of support will be the structural units created in these organizations and developed the Program of activities of the PERSON. PERSONAL PROGRAMS will be implemented in the interests of industrial partners who will approve the technical specifications for the work contained in the Programs. The technologies developed by FACE are subject to mandatory transfer to industrial partners for implementation.

Leading companies will develop and market new products based on end-to-end technologies with improved characteristics compared to existing analogues on the Russian market. As a result, a multiple excess of revenue from the sale of new products should be ensured compared with the volume of state support.

Support for up to three years will be provided in grant format. For individuals, their maximum size will be 300 million rubles, for leading companies - 250 million rubles. In total, in the federal budget for 2019, 2.1 and 3 billion rubles are provided for these events, respectively. Applications will be open within 45 days. The winners will be determined by the tender committee formed by the Ministry of Communications of Russia.

The purpose of state support to individuals and leading companies is to ensure the digital transformation of priority sectors of the economy and social sphere by stimulating the development of end-to-end technologies, technological solutions and products based on them. Among these technologies are artificial intelligence, robotics and sensor components, quantum technologies, distributed registry systems, wireless technologies, new manufacturing technologies, virtual and augmented reality technologies. The programs of PERSONs and leading companies will be implemented in accordance with the roadmaps for the development of relevant technologies, approved at a meeting of the Government Commission on Digital Development, the use of information technologies to improve the quality of life and the conditions for doing business.

RVC was identified by the Ministry of Communications of Russia as the operator of measures to provide state support to the individuals and leading companies. These support measures are regulated by resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation dated May 3, 2019 No. 549 and 551.

Information posted 17.10.2019
Information changed 17.10.2019