Plant "Surf" - an enterprise that meets all international requirements

Plant Surf - an enterprise that meets all international requirements

Svetlana Kambulova, Deputy Head of the Rostov Administration for Economics, visited the Priboy Rostov Ship Repair Plant, inspected the shops and talked to the work team.

Enterprise "Surf" was founded in 1993 on the basis of the repair and maintenance base of the fleet "Red Fleet" of the Volga-Don River Shipping Company, which has operated in Rostov since 1959.

"Surf" produces all types of repair and restoration work - current, medium and major repairs, as well as the modernization of vessels of all types.

The plant consists of three main workshops, a floating dock, four auxiliary sections. There are also two service-auxiliary ships.

The quality of work "Surf" appreciate far beyond the borders of our region. Specialists of the Rostov ship repair plant are able to restore even the ships that visited the bottom.

Currently, the plant is engaged in repairing river vessels, the river is a sea of ​​navigation and seagoing vessels of all types, ships are being modernized with confirmation of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class.

All employees of the company receive a decent salary, which is paid on time, without delay. The average age of employees is 45 years. It employs not only experienced professionals, but also young ones who learn from older colleagues. The factory has a real family atmosphere. There are even those who worked only on the Priboi, giving their whole life to the plant.

- Today, the Priboy plant is an enterprise that meets all international requirements. The plant closely monitors labor protection, there is a stable team here, many have been working for more than one year, and in general people who know their business work here, said the deputy head of the city administration for economics.

During her visit, Svetlana Kambulova held a meeting with the plant’s staff, during which she discussed business issues and future prospects for the enterprise.

Information posted 18.07.2019
Information changed 18.07.2019