Clean Don Regional Investment Project

Clean Don Regional Investment Project

Investment project: regional investment project "Pure Don".

Organization: CJSC ABVK-Eko.

Director: Eygert Yury Rudolfovich.

The project purpose - creation of elements of municipal infrastructure of system of water supply and the water disposal of Rostov-on-Don providing:

  • increase of level and quality of life of the population, by improvement of quality of sewage treatment;
  • connection of consumers to the centralized system of water supply and water disposal in Rostov-on-Don;
  • increase of ecological safety of the purified sewage, by utilization of a deposit and effective disinfecting of sewage.

What start date/date of completion of work on the project?


What served as idea or a starting point at implementation of this project?

Need of high-quality improvement of collecting and sewage treatment of the sewerage, taking into account modern nature protection requirements for decrease in anthropogenous impact on the soil, water and air environments.

What objectives managed to be achieved implementation of this project?

Increase of sanitary and epidemiologic safety of a river basin Don, the Azov and Taganrog basins, by introduction of modern ways of disinfecting of sewage.

What type of the state support was rendered to you also its size?

Granting by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation a subsidy to the private investor of 10,8 million rubles.

Joint financing of the project was made from outside:

  • investment fund of the Russian Federation - 1 055,60 million rubles;
  • the budget of of the Rostov region - 1 011,28 million rubles;
  • the budget of Rostov-on-Don - 149,46 thousand rubles.

Describe stages of development of your project.

I stage. Construction and reconstruction of objects of municipal infrastructure of municipal property (2009 - 2017):

  • reconstruction of the second turn of treatment facilities of the sewerage;
  • construction of the collecting pipe No. 62 3,867 km long.

II stage. Construction of facilities of municipal infrastructure of property of the investor (2010 - 2022):

  • construction of the block of ultra-violet disinfecting of sewage with a productivity of 500 m3/days;
  • construction of gas-piston power plant for the block of ultra-violet disinfecting of sewage;
  • construction of the block of processing of a silt deposit in composite mix;
  • creation of system of neutralization odoriruyushchikh of substances.

Creation of elements of municipal infrastructure, providing connection of consumers to the centralized system of water supply and water disposal of the technological zones "West", "East", "Center".

What difficulties arose at implementation of the project what helped to cope with them?

Construction of sewage sludge incineration plant is suspended as the contractor (the Hager+Elsässer GmbH company, Germany) chosen for building of "turnkey" this object of 01.05.2014 by lower court of Valdskhut-Tingen is declared the bankrupt, and the receiver declared refusal of execution of this project.

The investor sent the offers to executives (Administration of Rostov-on-Don and the Ministry of housing and communal services of the Rostov region), but, the changes so far offered are not coordinated.

What payback period of your project?

9,75 years since the beginning of implementation of the project.

Tell about your current projects and plans for the near future.

Taking into account essential difficulties on implementation of this project, we do not plan new projects. 

What you still would like to add about implementation of the project?

On December 31, 2013 construction of the block of UF-disinfecting of sewage is complete.

On February 13, 2014 the object is started operation.

Thus, realization of the block of ultra-violet disinfecting of sewage allows:

  • to provide high efficiency of disinfecting of sewage on all microbiological indicators;
  • to stop dumping into the river Don of residual chlorine and toxic organochlorine connections, to improve sanitary and hygienic characteristics of water to the river Don;
  • to refuse use of chlorine and to liquidate chloric economy, to thereby liquidate risks of environmental pollution, chemical defeat of the population and personnel as a result of accidents.
Information posted 21.03.2017
Information changed 20.11.2018