Construction of H2O Park All-Season Indoor Water Sports and Recreational Center in Rostov-On-Don

Construction of H2O Park All-Season Indoor Water Sports and Recreational Center in Rostov-On-Don

Investment project: construction of the all-weather covered water sports and entertainment center "H2O park" in Rostov-on-Don.

Organization: LLC Gorizont Scientific and Production Association.

Head: Apalatenko Elena Vasilyevna (CEO).

In May, 2010 construction of an aquapark began. On May 30, 2013 "Permission to input of object in operation" was got. On June 29, 2013 technical discovery of object for visitors took place, and in July, 2013 official discovery of object with participation of the top officials of the city and area took place.

What served as idea or a starting point at implementation of this project?

Idea to connect a retail and rest, in the place which is not conceding to the best European resorts and at the same time without leaving Rostov-on-Don. The desire to create new alternative of family pastime pushed us to implementation of such large-scale project.

What objectives managed to be achieved implementation of this project?

It is necessary to tell that creation of an aquapark "H2O park" made a powerful contribution to promotion of a healthy lifestyle and development of infrastructure of children's and family leisure of the city and area.

The aquapark "H2O park" became the first in own way covered complex in the south of Russia and by right was high on the list in sports and entertaining life of residents of Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov region.

At the moment "H2O park" represents a complex of pools, waterslides and attractions, baths and saunas, water bars and cafe, and also trade gallery with cozy little shops. Here everyone will find class in taste. The aquapark is focused on audience of all age and opportunities.

There is a set of programs of visit for little guests: carrying out birthdays, after-school club, participation in animation programs, training in rules of conduct at water, to a hardening, development and strengthening of physical abilities.

For adults it not only carrying out actions and celebrations, but also the programs for modeling of a silhouette and increase of a vitality weakening programs and also occupations for future mothers and their kids. Doors of an aquapark are always open for physically disabled people.

Thus, "H2O park" is not just an aquapark in already habitual understanding, and much more large-scale center of water entertainments and rest!

What type of the state support was rendered to you also its size?

It should be noted that construction of an aquapark was the priority investment project for the city and the area and was implemented within the list of "100 Governor's investment projects". Construction of object was made with assistance of the Government of the Rostov region and directly by Department of the consumer market under the following contracts and the directions:

  1. The contract on granting a subsidy for compensation of costs of payment of percent on the credits obtained on implementation of the investment project. The sum of subsidies during action of the credits made - 22 million 706, 4 thousand rubles.
  2. The agreement "About participation of the parties of public-private partnership in implementation of the investment project in the form of subsidies for joint financing of the account obligations arising at reconstruction of capital construction projects, objects of transport infrastructure including. "Capital repair of the lane. The Danube Rostov-on-Don".
  3. The investment contract for implementation of the investment Project "Construction of the All-weather Covered Water Sports and Entertainment Center (Aquapark) in Rostov-on-Don" in the form of the tax concessions on the property tax and the profits tax, concerning the profit got from realization of services of the investment project.

Describe stages of development of your project.

A customer of building of object was LLC NPO Gorizont.

Considering complexity of constructive solutions of the project, and also eccentricity in respect of application of new tendencies in construction, relying on foreign experience of real estate development company, the general contract was signed with the LLC Neymar Engineering nonresident company (republic Serbia) which undertook to execute SMR on construction of object according to project documentation in the time established by the schedule of works. However, in connection with violation by the general contractor of the specified schedule of construction, there was obvious an impossibility of introduction of object to operation in 2012 as it was planned earlier. Therefore the decision on a rupture of the contractual relations with a general podryadchok was made.

For prevention of a stop of production of construction works, on object measures for the conclusion of direct contracts with contract organizations were taken, and also the general contract is signed with the Russian resident company LLC Mikol Engineering.

Despite change of the general contractor, LLC NPO Gorizont in December, 2012 Successfully Realized the 1st Stage of Start-up of Object — Put into Operation Warm and Power-complexes of Object with Obtaining the Relevant Acts of Input. Put into Operation External and On-site Networks Electro-and Heat Supplies. in 2013 the 2nd Stage of Input Is Realized — Installation and Debugging in the Test Mode of All Internal Engineering Networks and Communications Is Ended, Finishing Works Are Complete. as a result of May 30, 2013 It Was Got Razresheniye na vvod objekta v ekspluatatsiyu, as ready complex to reception of guests.

What difficulties arose at implementation of the project what helped to cope with them?

As it was told earlier, difficulties at realization arose because of deficiency in the Russian Federation of the experts possessing necessary experience of direct construction of aquaparks. Schedules were moved up. As a result the team nevertheless managed to be created and opening took place.

What payback period of your project?

Now the project is realized in full. However the crisis phenomena in economy became the reason of reduction of demand for services of an aquapark owing to falling of solvency of the population. On the basis of current situation, the predicted payback period of the project increased from 6,5 to 10 years.

Tell about your current projects and plans for the near future.

We are not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. We consider the possibility of start of the second turn of construction of an aquapark. Time does not stand still. There are new attractions, new hills. We actively study international experience in this branch and we would like to introduce as much as possible it here.

What you still would like to add about implementation of the project?

It is necessary to tell that all events which were held during creation of an aquapark were aimed at the maximum safety and comfort of visitors. The aquapark is created with use of the most modern technologies in architecture, construction, engineering and conforms to all modern requirements and standards.

Information posted 21.03.2017
Information changed 20.11.2018