RIF Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing Yard

RIF Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing Yard

The investment project: Multipurpose boat made of innovative material – high density polyethylene
Organization: JSC Shipyard "RIF"
Head: Minaev Petr Nikolaevich

Today JSC "RIF" is part of the Group of companies "Rostov port". In the framework of investment programs of organizational and technical development in 2014, the plant started implementation of shipbuilding projects. At present, work is underway on the production of new projects.


Date of start / date of completion of project:

15 December 2014 - 24 April 2015

What was the inspiration or starting point for this project (ideas)?
Create boats that meet the needs of the average user: not costly to maintain, easy to repair, durable and safe.

What goals have been achieved after implementation of this project?
At the moment the 3 boats built for different purposes.

Type of government support that was rendered to you (full name) and its size?
The project was created by the company.

Describe the stages of development of your project.
The development of drawing, training of specialists to work with innovative materials, setting up production, vessel construction, testing

What difficulties arise during project implementation that helped you overcome them?
Search material in Russia, training specialists to work with the material. Russian companies-manufacturers of material interested in the project and dorabotali the material helped. They also helped to train professionals working with the material.

The payback period of the project
5 years

Tell us about your current projects and plans for the near future.
There are plans for further construction of boats, replacement of obsolete fleet with modern

What else would you like to add about the implementation of your project?
We also manufacture the fish farm of this material. Feature of fish farms "Reef" is directly in the area, which allows you to raise fish in conditions close to natural. Thus the plant "Reef" supports the development of domestic aquaculture.

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