The Workshop for Production of Polypropylene Yarns at Merinos CJSC

The Workshop for Production of Polypropylene Yarns at Merinos CJSC

Investment project: shop of production of polypropylene threads.

Organization: CJSC Merinos kovry i kovrovye izdeliya.

Head: Isaev Khalil Abdullayevich (CEO).

What served as idea or a starting point at implementation of this project?

Aspiration to independently make initial raw materials (threads) for creation of company carpet products.

What objectives managed to be achieved implementation of this project?

  • reduction of prices of carpets and carpet products for buyers;
  • possibility of use of carpet looms of production at full capacity;
  • expansion of the range of production. 

What type of the state support was rendered to you also its size?

The sum of the subsidy received in December, 2012 - 1 million rubles.

Describe stages of development of your project?

  1. Definition of purpose of the building, the building site sizes for its placement.
  2. Passing of necessary procedures and obtaining construction license.
  3. Performance of installation and construction works and commissioning of the object.
  4. Acquisition, transportation and commissioning of the necessary production equipment.

What payback period of your project?

5, 9 years.

Tell about your current projects and plans for the near future.

Further development of this project, work of shop on production of polypropylene threads at full capacity is planned.

What you still would like to add about implementation of the project?

The area of the case on production of polypropylene threads makes 19 thousand square meters, production power — 750 tons of polypropylene threads a month.

Within implementation of this project in the region the large enterprise of light industry was created. Standards of production and quality of the made production allow to provide production with the planned product range at the level of the international standards, at the same time, certainly, expand a line of light industrial goods of the region that, in turn, allows to provide export growth.

Information posted 21.03.2017
Information changed 20.11.2018