IT South Park has released projects for two acceleration programs

IT South Park has released projects for two acceleration programs

The "graduation" of the projects of the Southern IT Park: "DemoDay of the Digital Breakthrough accelerator "was held at the site of the DSTU media Park. Start of the Accelerator 2021 "- the flagship project of the presidential platform of the ANO "Russia-the land of opportunities", as well as the acceleration program of the twelfth set of the Southern IT Park.

The event was attended by Kirill Dyachkin, Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Information Technologies and Communications of the Rostov Region, Alexey Agafonov, Deputy General Director of the ANO "Russia-the Land of Opportunities", Sergey Grebennikov, Deputy Director of the RAEC (Russian Association of Electronic Communications), Tatyana Golubovskaya, curator of the project team of the Digital Breakthrough competition, Bogdan Odarchenko, head of the accelerator, representatives of projects.

The participating teams demonstrated their projects in front of experts and partners, received expert opinions. At the same event, a new selection for the business accelerator of the All-Russian competition "Digital Breakthrough"was launched.

So, Yegor Bogdanov spoke in person with the project "Heart" (a system for diagnosing diseases of the cardiovascular system; examination of diagnoses of medical personnel), Sergey Soldatov with the RUSROBOTER project (a system for recording the progress of repair work in production) and Pavel Avanyan with PRE.INC (a gamified online educational program on entrepreneurship "Online accelerator PRE.INC").

Recall that the program of the Digital Breakthrough business accelerator was designed for four months, it started on March 31 at the site of the Southern IT Park. The participants created and developed their projects together with mentors and experts. In total, about 200 applications were collected. Of the 20 selected projects, 14 completed the training. During the accelerator, the teams worked for a total of more than 320 hours with trackers, more than 100 hours with experts, created 120 different documents and models, and also sold services for 2,340,000 rubles. On average, each team spent more than 500 hours on their startup. Also, 42% of the 14 projects reached the first sale.

"For us, such a demand for this project indicates that Digital Breakthrough works with a very motivated audience of IT specialists, many of whom see themselves as entrepreneurs. Our participants want to work not only in large corporations and government bodies, but also to create and promote innovations independently, " Alexey Agafonov said.

After the presentation of the projects, the results were discussed, in which the organizers of the competition, experts and the authors of the projects themselves took part.

"This is not the first and not the last experience of cooperation with the presidential platform" Russia is a country of opportunities "and the Digital Breakthrough project. This is the twelfth issue of the accelerator. Such events provide an opportunity to develop potential. I hope we will see these guys in the future, their registered business, " Kirill Dyachkin said.

After the completion of the federal agenda, regional teams – graduates of the Southern IT Park-also presented their projects. Of the 25 selected teams from the 12th set, 16 completed the acceleration program.

Information posted 15.09.2021
Information changed 23.09.2021