Participants of the innovative business accelerator will present their projects to investors

Participants of the innovative business accelerator will present their projects to investors

The investment session of the innovative business accelerator will be held on December 1 at 11.00 in the technological coworking "Rubin". The work of the accelerator is organized by the regional operator of the Skolkovo Foundation, ANO FIRON, together with the Department of Economics of the city of Rostov-on-Don.

For 3 months, the participants worked out their business ideas, gained practical knowledge, worked with experts and mentors. 

30 innovators have successfully completed the training program, identified areas of possible commercialization of their projects. 10 of them became participants of the pre-investment package.

Educational lectures, September 2021

At the stage of pre-investment packaging, accelerator experts and mentors helped participants pack projects for federal competitions, presented projects to experts of the Skolkovo Foundation, drew up development roadmaps and a proposal for potential investors.

The final stage of the accelerator is an investment session, which will be attended by representatives of the business community, venture startup studios, investment companies and various Funds, potential clients and project customers. 

Pitch session participants: 

  1. Arestovich Roman "Designer of smart bots for automating business tasks without SmartBot programmers".
  2. Kudrevich Ivan "Propalpitomets.rf - pet search service".
  3. Petrosyan Aram "Holographic architectural layout - a tool for visualization, sales and analytics".
  4. Andrey Tuchkov " - travel service".
  5. Kirill Ralko "Neuroface is a software package for creating neural networks and compiling them for applied solutions of small and medium-sized businesses".
  6. Musienko Sergey "Industrial technology of production of protein-protein larvae of the Black Lion".
  7. Taran Sergey and Statov Andrey "Cloud accounting service for green spaces and landscaping elements".
  8. Cheberkus Alexander "Control system for assembly and operation of industrial products".
  9. Anna Potatueva "Space4teachers is a space for teacher development with the help of digital assistants".
  10. Denis Ryndin "An intelligent system for analyzing applications for grants by non-profit organizations".

Within the framework of the accelerator, some projects have already received positive expertise from the Skolkovo Foundation and the Innovation Promotion Fund.

Educational lectures, September 2021

The event is closed (only for participants, investors and organizers), the broadcast of the investment session is available at the link: 

Organizers' contacts: e-mail -, phone - +7 (918) 512-51-16, (Head of acceleration programs ANO "FIRON" - Tallakh Daria).

Information posted 26.11.2021
Information changed 13.12.2021