The success story of the participant of the innovative business accelerator training program

The success story of the participant of the innovative business accelerator training program

Innovative business accelerator of the city of Rostov-on-Don is a project initiated by the Department of Economy of the city in order to support innovative projects from idea to implementation.

The innovation accelerator has been successfully implemented since 2019, with 60 Don innovators participating.

One of the examples of successful implementation of scientific and technological development was the project of the participant of the training stage of the accelerator Vladimir Burim, the founder of the project «Development of a wind-solar generator „Prometheus“». The goal of the project is to create a product that generates electricity using alternative, renewable energy sources, without harming the environment.

In 2019, the Burim Vladimir project was supported by the Innovation Assistance Fund under the Start-1 program in the amount of 2,000,000 rubles.

Vladimir completed the work on the Start-1 grant with the following results:

  • test versions of the product were made;
  • tests were conducted to identify the most optimal indicators for obtaining the desired result. Drawings for transfer to production are developed;
  • a prototype was made, and a patent application was filed.

Currently, negotiations are underway on cooperation with the industrial partner of the NPP Gradient.

Vladimir Burim plans to raise 1.5 million rubles in 2021 and become a participant in the Start-2 competition of the Innovation Promotion Fund.

In 2019, Vladimir participated in the Global Management Challenge, organized by RANEPA, and together with his team took 2nd place.

Vladimir also created the Rostov regional public organization «Scientific and Technical Society», the purpose of which is to popularize scientific and technical activities.


Information posted 16.06.2021
Information changed 09.12.2021