Construction of Two Prof-Press Publishing House Finished Product Warehouses

Construction of Two Prof-Press Publishing House Finished Product Warehouses

Investment project: construction of two finished goods warehouses with a total area of 15411 sq.m.

Organization: LLC Prof-Press Publishing House.

Head: Shalay Svyatoslav Gennadevich.

What start date/date of completion of work on the project?

September, 2013 - September, 2015.

What served as idea or a starting point at implementation of this project?

Business development.

What objectives managed to be achieved implementation of this project?

It is at the moment comfortable to place all employees, the equipment and raw materials. To move from leased rooms.

What type of the state support was rendered to you also its size?

Granting a subsidy for compensation of part of expenses on payment of percent on the credit agreement concluded between JSC Yunicreditbankom and LLC Prof-Press Publishing House in the sum of 1,5 million rubles.

Describe stages of development of your project.

2012 - the project.

2013 - 2015 - construction.

What difficulties arose at implementation of the project what helped to cope with them?


  1. Weather conditions - began building at winter.
  2. An economic crisis - increase in prices for construction materials.

To cope with all difficulties, we were helped by capture of the loan granted to JSC Yunicreditbankom. Also we took construction materials in an advance payment at the old prices.

What payback period of your project?

5 years.

Tell about your current projects and plans for the near future.

Crisis works for the large Russian producer. Consumer goods for children of the Russian producer are in great demand. The price and quality — here two main criteria allocating our production. Demand for our production advances the offer therefore we plan a production growth in volumes, business expansion.

Besides, we are actively included in implementation of the social program for employment of the population of Aksay and Rostov-on-Don. About 600 people work at a factory at the moment. We provide the stable, guaranteed salary to all population of Aksay. 

LLC Prof-Press Publishing House - the largest manufacturing installation of Aksay. Stable development of the enterprise in the future will provide employment of the population of Aksay, will rally families. Because the purpose of our activity are our children!

Information posted 21.03.2017
Information changed 20.11.2018